Starting Nov 1, 2022

Vetting is the process of thoroughly investigating an individual before making a decision to go forward with a joint interest.

In the ongoing effort to ensure safety for both individuals and the kink community at large, The Vulgarians are using a formal vetting process, complete with background checks. Partnering with Black Monday Society (BMS) serves several purposes, including building community cohesion and good will, communication and cooperation to better serve our kink community and access to resources like the National Sex Offenders Registry. Safety first, kinksters!

In order to attend private play parties with The Vulgarians, ALL NEW Vulgarian Members must:

  1. First, join Black Monday Society
    • Attend a Newcomers’ meeting, which focuses on negotiation and consent with BMS or its chapter of The Next Generation (TNG)
    • Be in good standing after attending any number of open BMS events (meaning not banned)
    • Successfully pass a minimal background check (takes 1 week)
  2. Then, attend a FetNights Tallahassee event
  3. Contact us to make sure we will be attending that evenings FetNights event
    • Introduce yourself
    • Be a member of BMS

Current vetted Vulgarians are not required to join BMS but may be asked to submit the minimal background check through BMS.