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MzJewcy Sadistic Games!



MzJewcy (She/Her) is a Femme Sadistic Leatherwoman and enthusiastic educator. She’s been active in the lifestyle for 16 years. Her journey has led her to being the Program Director for the www.AtlantaMentors.com program, an intensive 6-month program of education, mentoring, and self-discovery. As a graduate of the 2011 class, she recommends this program for anyone who is looking to learn skills, gain experience and grow.

She’s a playful sadist with a firm hand and a gentle touch. She enjoys sharing laughter, games, and reciprocating energy. Her implement of choice is canes! She believes in love, respect, kicking ass, laughing hard, making out, showing up, and having the conversations that scare us.

Sadistic Games:

Laughter is therapeutic, increases oxygen intake, and creates positive energy.

Let’s use laughter, games, and distraction to change up headspace. Think Tic Tac Toe with evil sticks and bite marks! There are so many games from childhood that can be pervertable. Challenge a friend to a game of Simon! This energy effects all participants within the scene. When you venture outside of your comfort zone you will find confidence, personal growth, and the excitement of a new experience or skill.

Join me for Sadistic Games and the Wheel of MisFortune!

This talented individual is traveling from Atlanta to Tallahassee just to honor us with a Sadistic Games on April 6, 2024, at 926 Bar and Grill from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

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  • Please update your RSVP when/if your schedule changes. No call/No Show behavior is tracked and factored into vetting for future events. It wastes our time and space in the class.

Food and beverages will be available from 926 Bar & Grill. Please patronize them so we can continue to have events there.