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JustRob’s Just Quillin’ After Party – July 13, 2024!

JustRob’s Just Quillin’ After Party!

JustRob presents Just Quillin’ on July 13th

JustRob presents Just Quillin’ on July 13th 2024

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JustRob presents JustQuillin: Porcupine Quills for Sadists


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JustRob (He/Him/His) has been involved in the public community in Jacksonville, FL since 2008. He identifies primarily as a Top and a Leatherman, but on occasion takes on the roles of Sadist, Dominant, Leader, Mentor and Teacher. He leads the committee that runs the local group Alternative Lifestyles Enthusiasts (A.L.E.), he “organizes” the weekly Taco Tuesdays event, and is a historian for The Leather Quilt Project.

He is especially passionate about and active in the local polyamory group. His areas of experience are primarily in; impact play (everything from fists and palms to whips and everything in between), electricity (specifically the violet wand) and medical play (focused on play piercing and staples), in general he is a reaction junkie who craves blood and other bodily fluids.

Overall however his passion is helping people find their way in this lifestyle and helping those who have already found it to navigate it safely and grow personally.

Porcupine Quills for Sadists:

Piercing doesn’t have to just been metallic and medical. In this class we will discuss the details around using porcupine quills for piercing play. Class will include safety concerns, how to acquire quills, and techniques for play. A hands-on demo will be included if possible.

Join us for

This talented individual is traveling from Jacksonville to Tallahassee just to honor us with a JustQuillin’ : Porcupine Quills for Sadists, 2024, at 926 Bar and Grill from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

  • If this event is full, we will add the word “CAPPED” to the beginning of the title.
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  • Please only RSVP as “going” if you agree to be (or have already been) vetted and plan to attend.

  • Refer to the sticky on The Vulgarians group page on how to be vetted or reach out to a group leader with questions.
  • Please update your RSVP when/if your schedule changes. No call/No Show behavior is tracked and factored into vetting for future events. It wastes our time and space in the class.

Food and beverages will be available from 926 Bar & Grill. Please patronize them so we can continue to have events there.

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JustRob’s JustQuillin: After Party


 DO NOT PAY unless pre-approved. No refunds.
Please update your RSVP when/if your schedule changes. No call/No Show behavior is factored into acceptance for future events.


Tickets Here